David McCord - Artist for hire!

Yes, it's true. I hire myself out for creative visuality.

I do a host of artsy things, some of which I get to do for "a living" at my day job. You can click the logo below to visit my portfolio there. It's mostly digital and technical stuff, in addition to all the other marketing materials for print, web, and other media.

But I also do other creative stuff as well. Many of these are under the other links in the menu on the left, but I also do cartooning, teach caligraphy classes, create furniture and even do some ocassional cake decorating.

I have some artwork out there on

At some point I will include some links to an official portfolio. For now, contact me if you're interested in something a little more "personable" than the machinery you see in my Bevelwise portfolio.

Thanks for your interest!