I do hobbies. If you're eally interested in the reaches of my interest, check out my Facebook entries. But here's a summary summary for your edification and amusement:

Ionia County Historical Society (Secretary, Museum Chairman)

Boy Scouts of America (Scoutmaster, Troop 85, G.R. Ford Council)

The R. Buckminster Fuller Institute (and most anything "Bucky"-related)

Society for Creative Anachronism (Baron Daibhre mac Coilleainne)

Star Trek (in all its variations) and other Sci-Fi as well

Board Games (I have a HUGE collection and design original games, too)

Music (Check out the links on the left, and my gi-normous record collection)

Woodworking (I make furniture and consider myself somewhat "handy")

Old Movies (mostly monochrome masterpieces)

Comedy that takes brains (Marx Bros., Monty Python, Firesign Theatre, etc.)

Books (I gots a ba-zillion of 'em - mostly history, art, technology, and 19th-century adventure novels.)

Animation (The classic stuff, pre-1960 mostly, all the way back to McCay)

Philosophy (purely pop)

...and many, many more things I don't have time for!